Retain the ideology of Islamic culture & civilization.

Implement the Aqaaid of Tawheed, Risalat, Akhirah, and Khatme-Nabuwwat.

Spread and promote the noble teachings of the blessed Quran and Sunnah of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallaam.

Provide the highest standard of secular and Islamic teachings and doctrines, in order for our school community to be exemplary upright British citizens.

Create each individual as a means of guidance for mankind, upholding British values and demonstrating tolerance and understanding towards all.
From a sociological and educationist perspective, research has clearly proven that the child’s success or failure in school is not solely dependent on school-based factors, rather, home-based and social-based factors play huge roles in the socialization process and educational achievement of the child. We want out students to become the best Muslim citizens.

To achieve this, three key mechanisms; the parents/guardians, the school, and the student, must share the same goals and work cohesively. At Jamia, we will do our utmost to ensure students learn and progress regularly and urge parents guardians to keep regular contact with the school and monitor their child’s progress.