Welcome to Baitul Abraar Maktab Page

At Baitul Abraar, We aim to provide the highest quality of Islamic education equipped with the outstanding modern resources. We are dedicated to setting and attaining the highest possible standards in every respect. All staff go through a thorough DBS check at our institute.

Our Maktab sessions run for both Girls & Boys throughout the week. We offer our children the opportunity the spend 2 hours each day (weekday or weekend) to learn the Blessed Quran with the correct pronunciation. Children are also taught the important fundamentals of Islam and the practices of our Beloved Prophet (saw).

Our Maktab teachers are very experienced and go through Jamia’s own Islamic Essentials syllabus for the teaching of Tajweed, Fiqh & dua’s. We are currently taking on students for both weekends and weekdays.

Aims & Objective:

• Fundamental Islamic Knowledge
• Tajweed & Tarteel Of The Holy Quran
• Qaida, Sifharah & Quran Memorisation
• Enrolment For Children 7 & Above

At Baitul Abraar we recognise that learning consists of:

• Developing good attitudes and manners
• Acquiring knowledge of Deen
• Understanding ideas
• Perfecting skills and confidence

Our Syllabus covers all the following:

• Quranic Arabic
• Islamic studies
• Ahadith
• Du’aa
• Tajweed
• Surah Memorisation
Monday – Friday | 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Saturday & Sunday | 11:00am – 1:00pm

If you are interested in enrolling your child/children to the Maktab, then please download and fill out the admission application form.

To ensure we receive this form, please deliver it by hand to us between 5pm – 7pm Mon-Fri or email it to info@jamialuton.org. We enrol children from the age of 7yrs and above; All applications received will be dealt with on a first come first serve basis.

Catchment area and siblings at the Maktab will also be taken into consideration. It is in your best interest to return this form fully completed to us as soon as possible. There are only a limited number of places in each class.

Please read through the Maktab rules and regulations before your child starts. Maktab holiday dates are different to our High School dates, so please ask for the Maktab Holiday Calendar for more accurate dates. Feel free to contact us during Maktab hours for further information.
Please click the link below to download the admission form.

Admission Form